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My artistic expression primarily finds its voice in acrylic paintings, a medium through which I delve into the realms of feminine empowerment and the intimate moments of my spiritual journey.  The vivid colors I employ are more than a mere visual palette; they’re a language, conveying the depth of sensitivity and emotion that infuses my creations. Through my art, I strive to craft a channel that connects viewers to their own profound sense of self.

I recently found inspiration in a simple yet profound moment.  On a particularly challenging day, I sat on my kitchen floor, overwhelmed by the demands of being a mother of three.  Surrounded by the crystalline rainbows refracted by my grandmother’s prism, I felt an inexplicable connection to my past, a reminder of love and support.  This experience rekindled my strength and my role as a positive role model for my children.  Those rainbows became a symbol of human connection and universal love, inspiring my upcoming project.

My forthcoming collection, “Prisms”, aims to spread a message of hope and connection to a community facing overwhelming responsibilities.  Art possesses the power to unveil the magic often overlooked in our daily lives and transform it into waves of joy.  Through this collection, I hope to offer viewers a different perspective, reminding them that even in the midst of pain, there is light and hope.

As a mother, I believe that my purpose as an artist extends to inspiring the next generation of compassionate and innovative thinkers.  My art is my voice, and through it I share my story, empower others, and foster healing, truth, and hope.

Collaboration with the local non-profit organization, HUE, plays a pivotal role in shaping this collection.  As part of the exhibition, students’ work will take center stage, leading visitors deep into the heart of the display.  By offering students a platform to convey their thoughts and emotions through the mediums of art and storytelling, I’ve also had the privilege of imparting a watercolor technique that envelops the room in these symbolic expressions.  Through this collective journey of creativity, I hope to extend the light, joy and hope that are at the heart of my “Prisms” collection, guiding us all toward a brighter tomorrow.