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"Michelle's paintings really, truly capture the soul and spirits of her subjects in a way you couldn't plan for; each time I have got a commission of someone I love I am moved to tears but the way she shows them as the purest forms of themselves with so much love. I honestly couldn't (and don't) ask Michelle for specific looks because I trust her interpretation WAY above my own -- be it with people, landscapes or my now three four legged friends she has painted. Her use of color and patterns give real depth and beauty, and create an almost ethereal feel for her paintings. I can't wait to have a bigger space to keep filling!"


Anna Bradley-Smith,  Reporter


"Michelle created the most beautiful illustrations I could have imagined for my debut book of poetry, "Multitudes: Poems & Revelations." Working with Michelle was a dream - she listened thoughtfully to my vision and crafted the soulful, emotionally-driven art I was looking for. Michelle is a wonderful communicator and follows through on every detail of the process from start to finish. I would highly recommend her unique magic for any of your projects!"



Meghan Saletta,  Author



"Hi Michelle, I just wanted to reach out & thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful painting you did of me & Basil. I was so blown away, I love it, I love everything about it, you captured our togetherness so beautifully. I read in one of your posts that you create magical worlds where your subjects’ spirits can live uninhibited, and that makes me feel so good, knowing me & B’s spirits exist there together. Thank you so much for this treasure 💗❤️💗 from me & Basil"



Jessy Edwards,  Journalist