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Cover Story Interview

Cover Story Interview

Tell me about your first experience with art. What are the earliest memories you have that are related to art? How old were you when you could first call yourself an artist? 

 I’ve always been drawing my whole life.  My first memory is when I drew a picture of my dream in kindergarten of a unicorn knocking over my nightstand and it was published in the school newspaper.  I was supported early on and continued my artist journey for the rest of my life.


 Do you have any formal education in the arts?

 Yes.  I studied at both SCAD Atlanta and the University of Georgia.  I graduated with a degree in studio art. 


 When did art turn from a hobby into a career? Talk about that process... what influenced that change in your life?

 When I graduated art school, I saw a lot of artists who would finish school and quit making their art.  I was determined to not do that and actually become a professional artist.  I moved to New Zealand where I began my art career, exhibiting my work and selling many commissions.  It was the first time I got paid for my art. I lived there for three years chasing my dreams.  When I moved away, I took a break from a professional career and starting over, having to rebuild a business seemed too daunting at the time. It wasn’t until I was 6 months pregnant with my third child that I sold three paintings in one week.  I took it as a sign to launch back into my artistic career. Since then, it’s been two years and I have been painting nonstop, learning the business side of my craft, and delving into my local art community with a solo show currently on display through Scalehouse Gallery the Annex with a collaboration with local nonprofit Hearts Unknown Education.


 Looking back at your life as an artist, evaluate your art itself and how it has changed, or stayed similar. How has your process, your medium, your subject matter, your workflow... how has your art evolved over the years?

 I’ve practiced many techniques and styles throughout the years, but it wasn’t until I studied abroad in Italy and learned to layer on top of the previous layer, bringing forward lights and pushing back the shadows that my style started to truly form.  I made it my own, full of vibrant colors and emotion.  I often painted portraits capturing intimate vulnerability. My subject matter has broadened, yet it still remains that I strive to capture the soul and essence and deeper feeling to what I paint. 


 What inspires you to create?

 The challenge of capturing an ephemeral moment.  I want to translate the every day beauty of the world.  Even when it’s not pretty, into an image that can reframe how others see the world through a lens of hope and joy. 


 What does the future of your art career look like? How do you see your career evolving in the coming years?

I have plans of expanding and exhibiting across the U.S. as well as international.  I want my art to radiate joy to as many people as possible. 


Interviewed by journalist, Noah Nelson. For Cascade A&E Cover Story.

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