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Top 3 Words of Wisdom that Made Me the Painter I am Today

Top 3 Words of Wisdom that Made Me the Painter I am Today

Along my journey as an artist I have gotten many words of advice passed on to me that have made me the painter that I am today. From professors and mentors, some good and some not so much (One teacher even would paint over my painting, shock horror!).

I have complied a list of my top favorite words of wisdom to pass on to you.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the one who said, "The eyes are the windows to one's soul." Which I wholeheartedly base my practice around. He also added to "pay attention to the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth" for they display the most emotion and expression. I think about this in every portrait I work on. If someone who painted the most famous painting in the world has advice to give, then I'm listening! 

"Push and Pull the lights and the darks." Referring to the tones of paint, a professor while studying in Italy taught me this. I pull forward the highlights and then add the shadows, then back to the brighter hues. I do this dance layer after layer and it builds depth. A technique made famous by the Old Masters. 

And last but not least.. "Draw like you are a Princess. Dance with the paper." Said by my Turkish professor to a young, lazy Michelle who refused to sit in her seat and would instead draw sitting atop the table. Do I know what this means? No. Is this my favorite piece of advice? Absolutely.  

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