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Seeing Through the Eye of an Artist.

Seeing Through the Eye of an Artist.

For 2023 I have set the intention to paint everyday for 100 days. A painting a day, and this time I am doing it from life. I paint what I see.

In college I had ample time to practice. Assignments and still-lifes and deadlines are just a day in the life for academics. But now as an entrepreneur and full time artist there is no one but me holding myself accountable.

So far it is day 15 and I am already discovering a new style, subject matter and relearning to see as an artist.

Painting from a photograph has been out of necessity when there are not many people (other than my younger sister because I told her she has to lol) who will sit still and not move for a couple hours while I consistently stare at their every detail.

I was told "You never truly see something until you draw it." Every angle, color-change, and texture is analyzed and reprocessed through my brain and slowly, painstakingly placed on the canvas. Each stroke full of love.

My current series of tiny postcard paintings, I have entitled "A Few of my Favorite Things." Small objects in my home. little luxuries, childhood nostalgia and things I enjoy that scrapes the joy out of life. I want to explore light and reflection and reimagine these simple objects as a container for emotion and memory. They are the simple postcard moments in my life, childhood to adulthood alike.

Even though it's the beginning of this journey I have learned and developed so much. My top revelations I have seen so far is a new way to "see" and I wanted to share a couple with you:

One: Shadows have infinite values of light and dark. There is a heavy purple right under the object that slowly lightens, changes, glows and reflects and ends up dark again along a hard edge. I was taught there is no true black in nature so I often paint with purples, blues, and deep greens in the shadows.

Two: Everything is made up of small shapes and planes. I choose to block out these shapes in color and enhance their form and movement in paint.

I am excited to grow as an artist while continuing to infuse each piece with love and heart.

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