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My Top Tips on How to Beat Creative Burnout

My Top Tips on How to Beat Creative Burnout

Here are my TOP 5 tips for getting through that unavoidable creative block that seems to haunt our days toward the end of a busy year.

CHANGE YOUR MEDUIM. Create from a different place for a while to release steam until you are ready to truly enjoy your main passion again. My alternate medium is cooking. I love learning new exciting recipes and sinking my hands into fresh dough for homemade pasta. Maybe I just crave that release of energy, as all our anxiety is soaked into such a tangible, sensory form. (After all, I did spend a couple years on the potters wheel and I miss it terribly.) 

GET OUTSIDE. If you seem to be banging your head against a wall with a certain project and the universe is against you at every turn, put down that brush, close up your laptop and go get some fresh air. Often times the answer is right in front of us but we can't see it until we change our focus. Noticing the cracks in the sidewalk and flowers growing in unexpected places is a good way to reset and let the universe flow through you.

MOVEMENT. I walk everyday and spend that time brainstorming, telling myself stories, and just musing about life. The pace of my feet lets my mind wander where it wants and by the time I am home I often have a fresh perspective. If I want my mind to turn off all-together, I dance. Here I can get a true break from the heaviness swirling around in my mind. Bonus points if it is Hoop Dance!

INDULGE. Light a candle. Drink tea. Take a bath. Listen to your favorite song over and over. Put on soft clothing and fuzzy blankets. Sage your space. Anything to lift your spirits if only for a moment, so we can come back home to ourselves.

COLD WATER SWIMS. This is my number one secret sauce for releasing burnout. Nothing makes me feel more alive then taking a freeze cold dip in my favorite element, water. I come out giggling and lighter every time. Worry falls away, and I believe that when you create from a true place of feeling ALIVE then you create from your soul. This is when I do my best work. Even if you just put the water on cold for the last couple minutes of your shower, you can still benefit from the lift it gives you. Cold water therapy is also said to help regulate the nervous system and depression.

  I am wishing you all the grace and patience you can muster, so that you can get back to making this wild world a more beautiful place. We all need what you have to create, so this is your sign to never stop. Just rest. xo

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