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The Art of a Magical Human Experience

The Art of a Magical Human Experience

The art I create has often been coined “magical realism.” I strive to capture truth and vulnerability in a way that could never exist in our world. There is too much pain. To remedy this, I create magical worlds for my subject’s soul to find belonging in its purest form.

   I explore themes of the occult and spiritual redemption. Every magical landscape is used to tell stories through color. I honor our ancestors, their pain riddled by hope and their joyous love passed down into our veins. Art to me is a magical human experience personified and encapsulated as a moment in time.

  As an artist, ritual is sacred and necessary. From anything as small as boiling a cup of tea to cold water swimming, I search for sensation and meaning. Magic is my simple love letter for healing addressed to a chaotic world.


I breathe color. I tell my stories through color. Without it, do we even exist?

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