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Explore My Flower Essence Collection

Explore My Flower Essence Collection

Hot summer days have me dreaming of wildflowers.

Sometimes I long to escape. I want to hop in my car and just drive. For now I disappear into my art where I find freedom, magic, and safety. Like a meditation, I tune out all noise and intrusive thoughts.

Summer is manic. Painting is peace.

In my new collection "Flower Essences" I let go. Of stress, of people's ideas of me, and  of the silly beliefs I told my mind about my abilities to abstract. I explore my thoughts on flowers. How entwined in my memories they are. They always represent more than the physical to me.

Capturing emotion and vulnerability through vibrant color is the secret sauce behind my work. In "Flower Essences" I explore the delicate, ephemeral beauty of our Bend wildflower summer. Through abstraction I weave emotion and the nostalgia into a visual representation of the flowers and light around us. These soul flowers will bring a peaceful, magical energy into your home.  
All works are acrylic on canvas.
I can't wait to share this fresh energy with you as you place it in your sacred space. Bringing the light and sunshine of summer into our homes as we prepare for the shorter days. 
Here's a peek at what inspired the collection name..
My belief is that flower petals retain the healing properties of that plant. I put them in my bath on new moons and in steaming cups of tea.
Sending love,
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