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My Current Painting Playlist

My Current Painting Playlist

Here are all my guilty pleasures that I love to paint to.

  • "White Dress" and absolutely anything from Lana Del Rey
  • The entire "Midnights" Album by Taylor Swift
  • French Music is a total vibe so I listen to Emma Peters and of course "La Vie En Rose"
  • Fleetwood Mac 
  • Billie Eilish "Happier Than Ever" Album 
  • "Shivers" Ed Sheeran
  • "Speechless" Naomie Scott
  • "Closer" The Chainsmokers
  • "complex" Katie Gregson-MacLeod

I love how music makes me feel, another art form inspiring my own. It helps me get in the zone and go deeper. I can only create from that raw place. I am nothing without music.


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