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5 Must Haves for the Traveling Artist

5 Must Haves for the Traveling Artist

For an artist travel is the number one catalyst for sparking inspiration and refilling the metaphorical cup. Down time is important to process the swirling ideas and refocus our efforts but it can be easy to fall out of practice of our craft if we go too long in this state. With looming deadlines, commissions, and fear of falling out of habit, being away from the studio can be daunting at times.

Part of becoming a full time artist and creating a life I love is to maintain my freedom, my joy , and my inspiration. So for me travel will always be a part of my life and I want the freedom to continue doing what I love wherever I am in the world. 

After a recent stay at the Oregon Coast and a cross country trip to Georgia (all while toting 3 children and lots of luggage), I still managed to bring enough art supplies to finish a commission after a stormy day on the beach and paint multiple paintings at my childhood kitchen table I included in my current art exhibition.

Here's what I Brought:

A pencil case for paint brushes and metal reusable straws (to save the environment, obviously)

Painters tape

Pre-cut Watercolor Paper 5" x 7" tucked into the pages of a book to keep-me occupied on the plane

A resealable pallet that I now use at home as well and probably have already saved tons of money so far on paint.

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Introductory Set that you can find here. They are small and cute and you can mix any color you need.

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