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Little Moments Collection

Little Moments Collection

 People often ask why I paint hands or say hands are the hardest thing to paint. I can tell you first of all, I love a challenge! I am always trying to up-level my career, and with every painting I gain more knowledge and practice. Secondly I feel the face and hands are the most expressive parts of our body. They communicate without words, without lies, and with a first hand connection to our unconscious. They sometimes say the exact things we hold inside as we try to mask our insecurities.

 Vulnerability fascinates me. I need that burning call to create. To reveal a beauty that everyone else overlooks, that only I can shed a light onto help our brains collectively learn to see. Just so we know we are surrounded in love and beauty at all times. We must first switch our brain to let go of the mountains in front of us. I guess this is an exercise in mindfulness. To see the little gestures that make a real impact in our life.

Lets learn a new way to communicate and watch for the little signs of intense joy and connection.

My work also stems from memory and nostalgia. Fleeting childhood moments that we long to hold onto, both in our own experiences and as a second-hand observer. 

There is more love in this world than we can comprehend, and these tiny moments are proof, expression, and truth all wrapped into one. As an artist I will always strive to uncover the raw and real. 

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Popsicle Acrylic painting

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