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The First 5 Steps to Creating a Bomb Exhibition

The First 5 Steps to Creating a Bomb Exhibition

It's 2:30 in the morning and I woke up to write in the dark silence of my home.

As I work toward my upcoming solo show I wanted to share a bit about my process on creating a cohesive collection and getting exhibition ready.

Step 1: The Seed. When I first got the email from Scalehouse Gallery inviting me for a solo show I couldn't believe my luck. I often apply to opportunities but the No's tend to outweigh the Yes's. I spent the evening celebrating and the started ruminating on the concept. I needed an idea that would be challenging and fascinating enough to carry me through the next 8 months of painting. 

I let this idea come to me naturally without putting pressure on it or a timeline. I just start painting smaller studies or bigger experiments and see what sticks. For me it was Prisms, the challenge of capturing light and reflection and the joy of a bright color pallete.

Step 2: Supplies. Once the idea takes over my brain I go and get the materials. For this project in particular I purchased 9 large canvases to fill the space I am allowed for the exhibition. I keep these in the corner of my living room so I see them daily. My brain starts to muse on the shapes and create images on them before I even begin. Once one fully forms I jump right in with my paints. I choose to up level and invest in myself this time and also ordered beautiful floating frames for each piece.

Step 3: Create a timeline. After painting on inspiration for a while to get my project going, I look at the amount of paintings I still have to compete and divide that by the amount of months I have left. Currently I need to finish 3 paintings per month before I will need to turn my images in to the galley a month ahead of the show for promotion. It sounds like a lot and it is but I paint almost daily taking off my most uninspired days. 

Step 4. Funding the project. By this time I often have invested in at least half my materials, but as the idea forms and changes I need other items or have to pivot and start from scratch in places. This is when I do what I can to sell items from my shop, launch a mini collection, take on small commissions and apply for grants or funding (Just completed my first grant application!). Basically it is a juggling act to multitask with a looming deadline.

Step 5. Collaborate. This step is new to me, but I feel it adds an extra layer of depth to the project itself. For this upcoming show I will be creating an event with local non profit Hearts Unknown Education for children and teens that will be based around creative expression and mental health. More details coming soon but I just love creating interactive elements for all to enjoy!

So here I am my friends, in the thick of it.

In the haze of painting like mad, I can't think past this point but I will write more on it afterwards, although I know it will include photographing, editing, writing statements, and installing.

Sending love, and I can't wait to share more of my journey with you.




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